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Nick offers a range of packages individually tailored to you that can allow you to focus in on what you really want to achieve.

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Relationship Coaching

Relationships take work, if you feel like you and your partner could give more to your relationship, that you are no longer significant in their eyes, if you have identified that your relationship is not where it should be and want to be proactive about making things better this is the package for you. This is not a quick fix and covers a range of different areas including working on how you communicate, developing strategies for how you handle conflict, and also helping you to lay aside your weapons and get back in touch with how you were when you first met.

Three session package for £200

Five session package for £350

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Get the edge High Performance Coaching

Nick has worked with athletes and people that have to perform in high pressure situations for over a decade. Nick works collaboratively involving the people who know you best to put in place systems of support designed to prevent burnout and increase adherence.
A morning or afternoon session running up to 6 hours starts at £300 but may also include mileage costs if Nick is coming to work with you at a different location.

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Weight Management (FULL)

Nicks full weight management program of Six sessions is designed to help you to reprogram the way you think about your weight and make lasting changes to your lifestyle.
Each program is tailored and utilises a unique combination of techniques and strategies with each individual person.


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Stop Smoking

Nicks Stop smoking program of three sessions is rapidly becoming recognised as one of the most effective approaches to stopping smoking in the area. The first session is focused on building your motivation and your ability to go into specific levels of trance state. The second session is focused on stop smoking. The third session is used for reinforcement or to tackle any unwanted side effects from having stopped smoking.


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Bridal Weightloss

At no point in your life will you be more motivated to get in shape than right before your wedding. This is the perfect time to take control of your past habits and make changes that will last long into your married life.
This accelerated weightloss program consists of three sessions of 2-3 hours aimed at getting you in the best shape possible for your special day so that you can feel wonderful in your dress and only costs £250.

*Minimum start date 90 days before the wedding.

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Applied NLP techniques at an organisational level

NLP Practitioners spend a lot of time learning all the techniques and processes available to them and also how to generate new techniques. In this applied NLP program. Nick identifies the techniques most relevant to your organisation and employees and then delivers this bespoke program to your team accelerating their learning curve and cutting through to what can help your business the most in the shortest possible time.


"We left with not only a deeper understanding of NLP but each with a personal sense of direction and focus. We were talked through the processes by someone who had made us comfortable and showed an understanding of our personal circumstances and influences" Rachel Syrett Education Manager 3 Dimensions school Somerset

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Wedding Speech

Is the idea of standing up in front of all your family and friends and giving a speech filling you with dread?
This package consists of two 90 minute sessions during which we cover performance techniques that will let you be heard even if the sound system breaks down, Hypnosis techniques to tackle nerves and make sure that you are looking forward to getting to practice your public speaking in front of an audience.

*Sessions include Script review and rewrites.


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