Exeter Hypnosis
with Nick Clapham

Get the Edge High Performance #01

Four reasons to come and see Nick

1.You can get great results but want to be more consistent

2.You are in a slump and want to get back on top

3.You're training hard but your results have plateaued

4.You are recovering from injury and need to clear mental blocks

Most athletes know what it's like to "get in the Zone" or to feel like "everything just flows" those moments when every move just works....

How would you like to spend more time in that zone?

Get the Edge High Performance #02

How does it feel when you are in the Zone?

Most Athletes who come to Nick arrive frustrated. They are in a slump or they've hit a ceiling in their performance. You know you can do more.
Nick can help you to push through the hard times and give you strategies so that in the future you can deal with it yourself.

When you come to Nick for sports coaching, Nick works with you and your existing coaching team to fill in the mental gaps.

"Any work I carry out must be working along with an athletes existing coach.This is about supporting the coach and athlete together, they got you this far." Nick Clapham

Contact Nick right now to get started

Get the Edge High Performance #03

Nick has worked as a professional coach for the past nine years working with Sports Teams, Coaches and with individual Athletes.
Whether it's setting out your goals for you in a way that makes them achievable, helping you to find your motivation, developing a step by step guide for success or using advanced Hypnosis techniques to start consistently performing at your best, anyone can benefit from Coaching sessions.

With clients varying from Commonwealth Gold medallists to A list celebrities, Nick has shown repeatedly that he knows what it takes to unlock his clients full potential.

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