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Relationship Coaching

Is your Relationship in difficulty?

Are you having problems in your relationship? whether you're married or in a more casual relationship I can help you to find new ways to communicate and restore a healthy, honest and balanced relationship with each other. If you need help with conflict resolution or just recapturing that spark, there's a lot that can be done to help you both remember why you were attracted in the first place and renew your relationship for the future.

Relationship Coaching. relationship coach

Who do you want and where can you find them?

Who do you want? it's a fairly important question. If you don't know you're not the only one. Many people have very little or no idea who they're looking for. Which can make it quite hard to figure out where you might find them.
I can help you figure out the type of person you want to meet, from there we can start working on you and the way you live your life, until you become exactly the sort of person who is likely to meet them, naturally!
If you want to meet someone who's career focused and looks after themselves, you're not very likely to meet them in a McDonalds on a Tuesday morning.
Give me a call and book in and you can start changing your life.
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In-field training

Nick will work with you one to one out in the real world. He will coach you through practice interactions helping you to learn how it all fits together not just in theory but for real.
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Custom Dating Site Profiles

Over the years Nick has seen literally thousands of dating profiles.
With Nicks help you can make your profile stand out from the crowd and actually start to get the right people contacting you.
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Communication Skills

Do you struggle to communicate without falling into an argument?
Learning to communicate non aggressively with your partner can make a huge difference in your home and family life.
Have you ever found yourself in an awkward silence, wondering what to say next?
With a few basic conversational skills you will always have something interesting or fun to talk about.
You will learn about concepts like storytelling, multiple conversational threads and much more.
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Do you know a group of people in need of help with their relationships?
In seminar training you can learn skills as a group which will help you to support one another when you go out to find the right person.
Ladies you can learn how to be picky without putting off the guys you really want to meet and you can learn what the players are teaching their students so you know when to walk away.
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Personalised Support

Everyone needs a different level of support when they really start looking for a new relationship. Whichever area of your dating life is proving difficult Nick can help you to push through and turn it into one of the strongest.
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If you have any questions or queries please call on 07815 463108 for a free phone consultation.

£60 per session 60-90 minutes.
Three session package for £180
Five session package for £300

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